Robert Ludvig (
Mon, 06 Mar 2000 20:42:28 PST

I didnt think Zechs sounded gay, I thought he sounded like a seedy, shifty,
evil teenager. He should sound commanding and noble, they put the wrong
voice with the wrong character. I thought Zechs should have sounded more
like Trieze did in the dub.

>Zech's sounded like a fag, pretty much.
>Duo was too surfer-ish.
>Of course, "I will destroy you." Not the same impact as "I will kill you."
>That's all, in my POV so far. There'll be more though. It's definately the
>best job I've seen done with dubs though. Treize has a pretty cool voice.
>the no-name grunts all sound damn good. I was pleasantly surprised with
>today's debut.
> ~Gokou
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