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Mon, 06 Mar 2000 20:26:10 -0800

Yes preferably, but since Cartoon network's viewership is largely made up of young
children that's pretty much out of the question. I was actually primarily talking
about video releases anyway. one of my biggest gripes with most domestic anime DVDs
is that; even though they are bi-lingual with subs, they often use the video from
the dub instead of the sub. what this usually means is a crummy looking english
logo, crummy looking CG english text shoehorned into the show itself, and Credits
for the english version which in some cases cut out ending animation sequences. For
an example of the latter check out the Bubblegum crisis DVD set from animeigo; first
episode. In the original version, the camera pan's over Megatokyo behind the credit
roll, while in the Animeigo DVD it goes to black with credits for the AWFUL english

---Brett Jensen

Edward Ju wrote:

> In that case, shouldn't they leave the soundtrack alone too, and just go
> sub all the way?
> Eddie

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