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*shows up with Garrick's head on the edge of a spear...*

From: garrick lee <goner4sure@yahoo.com>

> at the risk of sounding stupid...

Don't worry, you actually are. So there's nothing really you have to risk at
all... >:)

> the first openings were no good -- too many panning
> shots, and they just cut & paste
> gundam-posing-sequences here and there (how many times
> does one have to see the heavyarms-rambo shot? they
> had to show it in the opening too) the
> gundams-in-repose panning shots are kinda corny, in a
> way.

Corny? I dunno. As I previously stated, I never did totally like Gundam
Wing. But the opening got to the heart of the series and highlighted what it
was all about in those few minutes. Cowboy Bebop had a great opening number
and got the essence of the series in a different manner.

I'm probably looking at this from a filmmaker's perspective (planning to
take up film in NY this June) - so I may not be looking at it from a
fanboys. But it was efficient, used great camera angles, good editing and
punched in the spirit of the series well. True, it may not be the opening of
The Professionals (old Brit TV series and a fave of mine), but it did get
the gist of the series well and that's what an opening is supposed to do.

OT: Is there a CD out there with the opening theme of the original
Professionals series? I've been looking for it everywhere here but can't
find it... :(

> i liked the rhythm emotion openings better. more bang
> for your bucks. it's a pity they only used it for the
> last dozen episodes.

Have to check them out again - only saw it once - didn't really observe it

> i'm the only one who doesn't hate relena. woe is me.

Funny, I don't pity you at all. >:)


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