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Mon, 6 Mar 2000 18:32:15 -0800

>In a message dated 3/6/00 7:47:04 PM, Cantusehtm@aol.com writes:
><< I dunno if i agree with you on that....Duo sounds like some surfer bum and
>Zechs sounds very queerish to me..I dont like that they used the opening
>sequence in the original as an ending sequence in the dub..
> >>
> Speaking of Zechs, I'm not too sure if the parents will like the
>pronunciation of his name, as they might mistake it for "sex". There was a
>Pikachu that could say "pi-pikachu!" that, when pressed repeatedly would say,
>"F*** You!". I heard this incident on the news. (I'm not sure if this was
>already discussed, sorry if it was!)

Sounds like Red Teletubby, part II. Who makes that Pikachu toy? I wanna get


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