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I gotta admit that it was far better than I had ever expected. As you guys
said the trans and the voice actors were not too bad ^^;;; But I didn't like
Duo's voice too much ^^;; Did everyone liked his voice? ^^ Anyway it was
overall far better turn out that I had ever expected ^^ Let's hope that CN
and AnimeVillage will continue doing this.


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><< Wow, was anyone else impressed with the job that
> Network has done with the US edition of Gundam Wing? I am...and the
> one thing I was scared of, having the dialogue and voices sound too kiddy
> (cept for Duo's voice, ick), well, it didnt happen. The whole treatment
> recieved keeps the show feeling "mature" >>
>Yes, I totally agree. The dialogue was basically left untouched. They did a
>very good job with it. Am still anxious to watch the uncut version tonight,
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