Robert Ludvig (
Mon, 06 Mar 2000 15:01:21 PST

Not me, I already own the entire fansubbed series. But it is refreshing to
see the show with good sound and film quality, as opposed to watching it on
3rd Generation fansubbed tapes (which arent bad for 3rd Gen). Man, Im 23
years old and STILL love Cartoons! I really thought that the voice track
was "Too much" in the foreground, if you know what I sounded like
the characters were speaking into Microphones, but that can be easily fixed.
  Other than that, It seems they did a good job. Best dub ever! I also
like how they didnt cut out the eyecatches or any screens that had any
japanese characters on them...very nice.


>And I was just getting into a decent sleep schedule.
>Is anyone else fighting the urge to tape the series while waiting for the
>DVD, like me?
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