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Welcome Ralph!!

Always good to have another Gundamaholic in our midst!
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just wanted to say hello,
My name's Ralph, and...
I'm a Gundamaholic
<applause, sits>

I've been following the anime.modelling newsgroup for a while, and while I
do build the kits (ooooh yes) I don't have the requisite space to properly
paint them. <shame>Yes, I trim the bits and click em together. </shame>

I've been a mech fan preetty much all my conscious life (well, it comes and
goes (consciousness I mean, mechas are constant, natch))
and an anime fan for about 6 years, back when I found a copy of Protoculture

Addicts hidden away in a comic shop in Scotland (Im 24, been in the States
for bout 2 years now). That had a synopsis of some 0083 episodes, and I
NEVER thought I'd actually get to see this incredible sounding show. Then I

found fandom (yes, even in a backwater town in Scotland).

Now I'm 'stuck' in the States (Portland, OR is grrrrrrreat!) and am loving
the fact that soon, I'll leave work (well that's always fantastic but..)
then hop on the light rail (as opposed to light railgun hahahhugh :/ ) then
get home, flip on the telly, and watch Gundam for free.

What a great time to be alive!

Nice to meetchall,

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