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> Weeeellll, I hope this is the mech you are looking for. Sounds like it.
> I just happen to have a copy of Antarctic Press's Settei No.2 which
> focuses on O800. There just happens to be line art of the Riah!
> The 2 missiles appear to be mounted on the back pack attop the engine.
> Fireing over the shoulder, like the gun cannon. This assempbly looks like two
> large cylinders with a small covered rectagular box between them. They stick
> way up there, sitting all nice and hazardous-like. Ping! goes a stray round..
> you know what...
> Then again the little box sitting between the cylinders could be the Missile
> Launcher.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Just wondering if someone could confirm that
assumption (of course, for all I know, Gundam Senki was making an assumption as
well, I had previously thought those were fuel tanks).

> Now, the beam sabers APPEAR to be mounted inside the upper forearms. The
> top of the forearm pops up like the Alex's gatling guns. Not sure weither the
> line art shows just mechanicals or the beam sabers, though. Sorry.

Agreed, just looking for confirmation.

> For scale reference a running soldier is placed next to the Riah. His head
> hits just at the hip actuatory/ball joint. This thing is very deffinatly a
> civilian use item (construction/labor) adapted for military functions.

Funny you mention that - Gundam Senki shows line art for a Aliens-esque worker
version (oddly enough in a Zeon section).


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