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<< Hey, I was just doing stats for the Riah RH-35E Draken-E mini-mobile
 suit last night, as I mentioned. Now there's a general dearth of
 apparant info on this little civil defense MS, but Gundam Senki does
 list an interesting armament. From what I can tell, it says it has a
 beam saber(s?) and two missiles. Are the beam sabers in the pop up
 forearm things, and the missiles are on the backpack thing? Can anyone
 give any info on this or other interesting info on this MS?
     Neil Baumgardner >>

Weeeellll, I hope this is the mech you are looking for. Sounds like it.
    I just happen to have a copy of Antarctic Press's Settei No.2 which
focuses on O800. There just happens to be line art of the Riah!
   The 2 missiles appear to be mounted on the back pack attop the engine.
Fireing over the shoulder, like the gun cannon. This assempbly looks like two
large cylinders with a small covered rectagular box between them. They stick
way up there, sitting all nice and hazardous-like. Ping! goes a stray round..
you know what...
Then again the little box sitting between the cylinders could be the Missile
   Now, the beam sabers APPEAR to be mounted inside the upper forearms. The
top of the forearm pops up like the Alex's gatling guns. Not sure weither the
line art shows just mechanicals or the beam sabers, though. Sorry.
   There also apears to be a smoke launcher rack between the 2 search lights,
both of which are mounted atop the driver compartment..
   For scale reference a running soldier is placed next to the Riah. His head
hits just at the hip actuatory/ball joint. This thing is very deffinatly a
civilian use item (construction/labor) adapted for military functions.

I hope this helps.

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