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I'm playing the FEDs,
PC: Playing Zeon right now so there may be some mixed
up. If that's the case, sorry!

have poured as much resources as allowed for
PC: You should, at least the first time you play the

but the MS is slow in coming (Guntanks are in
production right now)..
PC: You should have your first opportunity to disband
WB team in T15~16 (when Amuro&Co reach LunarII) so
RX-78-1 should be around T12~13. Still, FlyManta
should be enough to capture Peking and Hawaii (and
California and New York in fact...). Btw, disbanding
WB team at LunarII is the only way to keep Ryu alive
in part two...

How many turns does it take for an injured character
to come back?
PC: Depends on the "endurance" stat. E.g., Sander
will be back in action for a mere 2 turn at RankD (or
C...forgot) while South Burning take a while.

Which base does he end up?
PC: N/A. He/she will show up as "unassigned".

Where should I build the Whitebase?
PC: Think you are a tad too early to build "WhiteBase"
(T20 I believe)..."Pegasus" plan should be ready in
T13~14 so I guess you can have your first shipment
near T16~17. Some nice folks from your contractors
(of war machines) may give you one though so be nice.

On earth or in Luna-2?
PC: Depends how you play it...survived the LunarII

How do I send ships up from earth without them landing
smack in enemy territory?
PC: Only one way, clear the orbital area map (e.g.,
launch from "Jaburo" -> clear "P-Jaburo"). Hint: Use
your Side7 and LunarII defence force and build several
fighter units as "shields".

Where do my funding come from?
PC: Two sources w/o using the "diplomacy" command.
Produced Capital/Resource are from your occupied
base&map. Trade Capital/Resource depends on your ties
with Side6/EnergyFleet/MoonCity.

Suggestion (third source and perhaps the most
important one):
With some luck (or lots of "save & reload") you can
trade resource for (or request) capital with the
"diplomacy" command. When the relationship is stated
as "close" your request can get you 13~14K capital
from each neutral faction. Side7 is most likely to
give capital for resource, the opposite for
JupiterEnergyFleet, while MoonCity is 50-50. Good

How do you increase it?
PC: Attack&attack and save&reload.

esp. the ones on Minofesky craft.
PC: You mean "Zaku+SubFlightSystem"? Nail them with

That seems to me a re-write of "history" since the
Zeons side is a little too lopsided.
PC: Can send you a list of "to do" or even what I've
done (for the first 20T or so) off list if necessary.

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