Brett Jensen (
Sun, 05 Mar 2000 22:09:55 -0800 wrote: A lot of people are way too critical in passing
judgement and it seems it

> doesn't matter what country they are from. While you shouldn't have to watch
> 8 or more episodes to get interested in a TV series, it does happen. After
> all, it IS a TV series and you must expect to have filler episodes and start
> slow sometimes. Especially when the show runs everyweek day.

True, but most anime programs are weekly, not daily.

> give it a fair chance and then if you must make judgement, do so. I can't
> stress it enough, many people today are too darn nit picky and critical. Take
> SW: Episode 1 for example...

Sorry but, Phantom menace just plain sucks. That's just my opinion. If you like
it, more power to ya.

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