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<< That is a bit unfair, but to be honest, I think many creators today need to
 do a better job in hooking their viewers within the first two or three
 episodes. For many Japanese, they will start a series on TV and base their
 judgements on that first episode! So let's say a show started off sucky and
 "got better" later on, but the ratings dropped by then. The creators have no
 one to blame but themselves for not getting their act together earlier. >>

  Yes, I agree. I've watched shows before that aren't very good until halfway
through, then it its better. It is unfair to judge a show on one episode,
though. Why do many Japanese base their judgement on one episode? Yes, a
creator should do his best when making a TV series or anything else, but a
fan should do their best by watching more then just 1-8 before passing

  A lot of people are way too critical in passing judgement and it seems it
doesn't matter what country they are from. While you shouldn't have to watch
8 or more episodes to get interested in a TV series, it does happen. After
all, it IS a TV series and you must expect to have filler episodes and start
slow sometimes. Especially when the show runs everyweek day. The first
episode usually sets up all the characters, the setting, etc.

  While I see your point, many series that are very good, are sometimes
boring for the first several episodes and then it gets to be very good. I say
its okay to have initial reactions be they good or bad about something, but
give it a fair chance and then if you must make judgement, do so. I can't
stress it enough, many people today are too darn nit picky and critical. Take
SW: Episode 1 for example...


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