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> Also, the reviews I've read of BP where based on 2 to 4 episodes! What
> of idiocy is that?! Its idiocy to review a series and base your review on

> four episodes! Sorry for the Rant :)
> One review critized the show, based on 4 episodes. A series can not be
> reviewed seriously until you've seen it all you know? This reviewer was
> to write off BP as horriable, based on 4 episodes!
That is a bit unfair, but to be honest, I think many creators today need to
do a better job in hooking their viewers within the first two or three
episodes. For many Japanese, they will start a series on TV and base their
judgements on that first episode! So let's say a show started off sucky and
"got better" later on, but the ratings dropped by then. The creators have no
one to blame but themselves for not getting their act together earlier.


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