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>When painting a model, I have a problem with filling in the panel lines (so
>they aren't there anymore). I have next to no experience with model
>building, so if this question seems stupid- that's why. Can anyone give me
>some tips on how to avoid this?
>Forgive me if this has been brought up before.

Well Leo, there are 4 ways to approach this:

1.Gundam Marker: the crappiest way you can do this, Gundam markers kinda give
you a thicker line than desired

2. Capilary (I think its spelled wrong) effect: the best way to do it, simple
as well. buy a bottle of black paint (preferably Acrylics) or a gel pen,
simply water down the paint, paint over the panel line and wipe everything off
with a wet sponge/towel the only paint remaining would be the in the panel

3.Pastels: time consuming and uneffective, Pastels should just be left for
shading so I would not mention the technique here (plus the fact that I'm not
even sure)

4.Drybrushing: great for minatures but I never tried this technique on an
actual Gundam model. first use a dark color overcoat ( something like a dark
gray/black spray) then dip your brush in desired color (Acrylic only) and take
it out, wipe off the paint on the brush with a dry towel, with the remaining
color on the brush wipe over ther part over and over. The paint will only
adhere to elevated areas leaving lower parts (panel lines) the color of the
first coat. this process wasted a lot of paint and is very time consuming it
is also very hard to get used to wiping off enough paint.

hope this helped.


- Roger

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