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<< Actually, the story doesn't really pick up until the 6th or 7th episode.
 Even Tomino commented that the first 4 or so episodes were poorly done, and
 he was suffering from "Post-Gundam" syndrome and couldn't really decide in
 which direction to take the story. So keep watching! It really gets better
 later on. >>

Also, the reviews I've read of BP where based on 2 to 4 episodes! What kind
of idiocy is that?! Its idiocy to review a series and base your review on
four episodes! Sorry for the Rant :)

One review critized the show, based on 4 episodes. A series can not be
reviewed seriously until you've seen it all you know? This reviewer was going
to write off BP as horriable, based on 4 episodes!

I intend to buy a tape or two of BP, as soon as I can. I may wait awhile
longer, to see if it comes out on DVD, since a DVD will last longer then tape.

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