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>The story gives out the background of what is going on little by little. No
>one is even sure what Orphan really is until towards the end of the series.

Hmmm, hopefully they won't give aware too much. If they do, I'll stop reading.

>Anyway, what's in the English opening? The Japanese opening consisted
>solely of the major female characters flying through the air naked... I'm
>female but I rather liked the opening. I thought it was beautiful.

It had "flyovers" of paintings of most of the cast (including the male members) doing various things (laying on the ground, looking like they were posing for a painting session, etc.), paintings of the Brain Powereds, CGI images. There were only two instances where they came close to nudity. In one, you couldn't see anything (much of the image of Hime was blocked by a real pic of the Earth), and in the other, Kanan still had some cloth wrapped around herself. And the song is still the Japanese version (as far as I know that is, much of it is in Japanese at least). I thought both the song and the opening itself was beautifully done myself, but I'm kinda dissapointed that they would change it for its distribution over here. After all, they leave nudity in most anime footage itself. Why change an opening? Unless it was because of problems with editing the kanji credits. I suppose I can accept that. Still, I wish they would have the original opening at the end of the tape like Rec!
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