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>From: "Roland Thigpen" <jenius@unspacy.org>

> >I give Brain Powered three and a half Hunters out ouf five, I wish there
> >were four episodes on the tape(like the first tape of Saber Marionette
> >J), which would have helped to ease over some of the personality quirks,
> >but it's pretty decent.
> >
> >Jon
> >
>I agree with this. Fortunately, once I get a chance to read this month's
>Animerica article on Brain Powerd (and interview with Tomino), I might have
>a bit better idea about what is going on. My one question, though, is this:
>I saw how alot of people on the list were commenting on seeing alot of
>nudity in the opening credits sequence. Where was this? I didn't notice too
>much (at least that I can remember), if any really. Or did they change the
>opening on the English dub tapes?

The story gives out the background of what is going on little by little. No
one is even sure what Orphan really is until towards the end of the series.

Anyway, what's in the English opening? The Japanese opening consisted
solely of the major female characters flying through the air naked... I'm
female but I rather liked the opening. I thought it was beautiful.

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