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>Jonathan Souza wrote:

> > *Plottting-Yep, I do feel like I was dropped into the middle of
> > something, without knowing much of what happened before. But, see the
> > comment about Evangelion. How many people got into watching Evangelion
> > on the list knowing at least some of the characters involved and how
> > they related to each other?
> >
> That got on my nerves a bit to be honest. It seemed to me to be a
>reaction to Evangelion. That was an enormous success, so we'll try
>something similar here (If Evangelion was made after BP, ignore this )

Brain Powerd was made after Evangelion - however, the tone of the series is
entirely different from that of Evangelion. While Eva is quite negative
when it comes to relationship between the characters, Brain Powerd is much
more beautifully done - and very touching. There are so many intertwining
love stories, that it's practically "shoujo" in quality. I personally liked
Brain Powerd much more than Eva... especially the ending. I don't want to
give out any spoilers, but the story is about love and hope, not the
destruction of earth as Eva was.

> >
> > I give Brain Powered three and a half Hunters out ouf five, I wish there
> > were four episodes on the tape(like the first tape of Saber Marionette
> > J), which would have helped to ease over some of the personality quirks,
> > but it's pretty decent.
> >
> > Jon
> >
> I've only seen the first four eps, but I would like to see more.
>a look
>Have fun

Actually, the story doesn't really pick up until the 6th or 7th episode.
Even Tomino commented that the first 4 or so episodes were poorly done, and
he was suffering from "Post-Gundam" syndrome and couldn't really decide in
which direction to take the story. So keep watching! It really gets better
later on.

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