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Jonathan Souza wrote:

> Powered?
> *Mecha Design-They're distincitve and much different than anything
> else. After serveral years of rehashing of the Macross/Gundam/Dunbine
> model of mecha, the design and operation of the Brain Powered and Grand
> Cher mecha are, to say the least, unique.

    Are they Grand Chers of Graingers? I've seen it translated as both, and
for reasons I won't go into, I'd put more faith in the second, though I
haven't seen the commercial releases. And I did think the designs were good

> *Plottting-Yep, I do feel like I was dropped into the middle of
> something, without knowing much of what happened before. But, see the
> comment about Evangelion. How many people got into watching Evangelion
> on the list knowing at least some of the characters involved and how
> they related to each other?

    That got on my nerves a bit to be honest. It seemed to me to be a
reaction to Evangelion. That was an enormous success, so we'll try
something similar here (If Evangelion was made after BP, ignore this )

> I give Brain Powered three and a half Hunters out ouf five, I wish there
> were four episodes on the tape(like the first tape of Saber Marionette
> J), which would have helped to ease over some of the personality quirks,
> but it's pretty decent.
> Jon

    I've only seen the first four eps, but I would like to see more. Worth
a look

Have fun

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