mirai y (zafikel@hotmail.com)
Sun, 05 Mar 2000 18:22:42 EST

>From: henwee <henwee@yahoo.com>

>um.... actually, could anyone please inform me on the
>quality of the animation of Turn A ? i've got views ranging
>from OK to choppy to below standard.
>so, wat other Gundam show is the animation of Turn
>Acomparable to ?

The character design is quite different from regular "mecha" anime, very
simplified and reminiscent of older Japanese "family" shows. In spite of
that, there is quite a lot of "distortions" in the face which I found quite
bothersome. Quality of the actual animation is above that of V Gundam and G
Gundam, but I would say below Z and Wing.

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