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Since this is a Tomino work, might as well talk about the AnimeVillage
release of Brain Powered. The tape has two episodes on it, and it's
proven to be as weird as people on here that have seen it earlier have

Okay, I won't rehash the plot, but I can see some of the complaints and
can understand them. And, want to counter them-

*Show Weirdness-Yes, it's a WEIRD show, no doubt about that! But, take
it from this perspective-many American fans had heard and seen
everything about Evangelion before it even came to US shores in a
subtitled format. How much had we seen/heard/discussed about Brain
*Mecha Design-They're distincitve and much different than anything
else. After serveral years of rehashing of the Macross/Gundam/Dunbine
model of mecha, the design and operation of the Brain Powered and Grand
Cher mecha are, to say the least, unique. I like how the look and
operate and how they all seem to have personality quirks makes it much
more fun to watch and enjoy.
*Plottting-Yep, I do feel like I was dropped into the middle of
something, without knowing much of what happened before. But, see the
comment about Evangelion. How many people got into watching Evangelion
on the list knowing at least some of the characters involved and how
they related to each other?

I give Brain Powered three and a half Hunters out ouf five, I wish there
were four episodes on the tape(like the first tape of Saber Marionette
J), which would have helped to ease over some of the personality quirks,
but it's pretty decent.


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