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<< Bad news Aaron. Nothing is concrete but I heard that the US version isn't
 to support the twin stick controller at all. >>

Well, as long as they allow the control config to be fully customizable, it
shouldn't be too hard to control. I hate it when you only have preset control
schemes to chose from. I've never used them, but can speculate that it would
be a better set up then the DC controller would be.

I think its weird how some DC games use both the d-pad and thumb stick. Some
needs to come up with a DC pad that allows you to use both directional
controls at once, while still being able to use the controllers buttons. You
never know, the third party controllers companies can be very ingenious and
inventive when the need arises.

I played a demo of Slave Zero on my DC and using both directional controls at
once was awkward and a pain. I got nailed by the enemies everytime I switched
directional controls. You have to use one or the other, if the controller was
set up so both can be used at once, I could control the game a lot better.

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