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<< This may come as a shock to you.. but some 3rd party pads are better than
 the originals. I have SIX friends with DCs, and they're all original
 Japanese DCs, not American ones, I have one friend with two busted pads,
 both busted right trigger button, and another friend has a busted pad (also
 busted right trigger button) and a busted twin stick. This is within a span
 of 2 months of plaing. To remedie the situation, they've bought these 3rd
 party American pads.. and they're alot sturdier. So far, nothing more
 busted.. yet. >>

No, no, I meant cheap third party controllers that broke on me. Mad Kats,
Ascii, Interact, etc. I companies I mentioned do not make cheap controllers,
in fact they make very good controllers and are a lot of times better then
the stock controllers. What I was saying is, I have never had a stock
controller brake on me, ever. The one that broke on me was a cheep, off brand
NES controller. This was before a lot of those companies existed.

I read somewhere that the Japanese stock controllers (the SEGA ones) ARE easy
to brake, espically the Left and Right triggers. The article went on to say
that, SEGA of America was supposed to fix this problem. I own an American

Anyway to keep this OT on its OT topic, I hope they bring the twin sticks to
the USA. But, the Japanese twin stick can be used on an American DC, can't
it? I can always get the Japanese version of the sticks if this is true and
no one releases a US version of the twin sticks.


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