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>>I do believe that people make too many inferences that the media is to
>>blame. Japan survived with one of the lowest crime rates in the world while
>>series about war (like Gundam) were shown on TV. Only recently has an
>>upsurge in a new breed of criminal been noticed. Serial killers and sex
>>offenders have started popping up there, but the blame has been placed
>>squarely on police ineptness - not really blaming violent media like Gundam.
>>But I do agree there's a greater sensitivity there now with regards to
>>what's shown in the media.
>Once again, the media is an easy target. And once again, "control" on
>things like violent media leads to omission or banning of questionable
>materials (in U.S. politics, "control" is often an euphemism for "ban").
>There is a great deal of violence on U.S. television, but much of it is at
>best surreal, at worst unreal. Gunfights often involve elaborate manuevers
>and dangerous antics, as well as dramatic but not life-threatening gunshot
>wounds. Censors allow gunfights dozens or hundreds of rounds litter an
>area, but someone dying instantly of a single bullet wound is reserved for
>dramatic plots rather than violent one. Children, seeing this, can get a
>very skewed view of the real impact of violence, and they tend to be
>shielded from the fact that guns will actually ((kill)) people, not just
>frighten & hurt them.

Ech... media....

Keep in mind the media (Mainly TV news) has twisted this case, to make the
government look bad, keep in mind the six year old's gun was stolen and
reported stolen and stolen guns were found at his house(or so I was informed).

The media can't be let off scott free either; excuse my language but if my
left ass cheek was the "in" thing it would be in movies and TV shows
regardless of it being inappropiate at certain times or shown at certain

And one final comment, as a New Yorker its seems very ironic to me that
everyone seems to think that new york is a place filled with illegal weaponry
and sick men, YET Comlumbine wasn't in New York now was it? and niether was
our pint sized shooter.

- Roger

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