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Just to clearify, in case I was misunderstood. When I was talking about the
Media, I meant the Press, News broadcasts, etc., NOT TV shows, movies, etc.
Some Press stuff seems to form some peoples views on an issue and sometimes
inflame a hot topic.

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<< Getting back on topic:
 Taking it from Tabby's pov, I wonder how kids would look or interpret Gundam
 Wing then? I mean, the images of Heero sacrificing his body to pilot the
 Wing Zero or the so-called "terrorist acts" they do are powerful ones. Will
 they just simply look at the kewl robots, or draw great insight from the

Well, we can ask them when they become GML members, huh? :) You know we will
get new members duing the first week of Gundam Wing, most likely.
 Reflecting back, the most powerful insights I've had of life from media as a
 kid didn't come from anime Giant Robots, but from history books and myths.
 Mongolian steppe riders, the Samurai and medieval knights were powerful
 images to draw upon on life - especially Bushido and the Arthurian legends.
 Those weren't exactly spoonfeeding images of what's right and wrong. I mean,
 Arthur decided to vanquish half of Europe (you can probably tell now that I
 wasn't weaned on the T.H White versions ;P) and Merlin was the bastard child
 of Satan. >>

Well, I can't remember much from when I was little, but I watched stuff like
Mysterious Cities of Gold, the Star Trek cartoons, that 80's Spider-Man
cartoon, He-Man, Captain Power,Voltron, Robotech,
stories read to me when I was little, etc.

Voltron and Robotech is what, I think, stuck with me the most. Not to
mention, I have always liked robots over everything else, even before I saw
any robot shows.

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