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Whoa, multiple replies. This is OT. I'll try to relate it to anime whenever
I can.

To the drug thing: I personally think drugs should be legalized. But this is
way OT that I shouldn't really discuss this here as it has nothing to do
with Gundam or bears litlle relation anymore to the violence topic
originally brought up.

To Tabby and the rest:

One of the things I don't want is to get into a chicken and egg scenario.
"If the gun weren't there in the first place" doesn't sound right either. So
I think that we should leave this OT topic at that. In our case here (in the
Philippines), guns are a symbol of oppression - stemming from the image of
landowners abusing farm hands. Even then, our gun policy is not very strict.
I can own a submachine gun here if I really wanted to get one. Richie could
probably own a bazooka, considering he worked for the Philippine military at
one time. Good thing we aren't as rich as Americans, I wonder what would
happen if people had a gun in every household here. Only some gunowners here
educate their kids about guns - many aren't taught from a young age how to
fire one like some of you here. Some are just given a gun as a gift at 21
and have a personal responsibility to learn how to use one.

On Alfred's view on Japan and Germany:

Yup, I think cultural experiences has a lot to do with their reasoning. But
as the generations have start to forget, now I start to wonder. The next
generation of Japanese are angry at Western Hegemony and it has started to
show in anime (Eva is a big example). They're already starting to think
about expanding towards an actual active armed forces now - and they've
already participated on UN Peacekeeping missions recently. There's a new
movement in German thinking towards the Third Reich and how the "big lie"
was actually a "social awakening" of Germany to rise up as Hitler promoted.
(Don't press me further on this - I skimmed this on an article about the guy
who's running for PM in Austria who said that the Waffen SS was a good
example of social service) They haven't gone as far as redeeming the
man for the Jews in Europe. I hope they never do.

On Tabby and the media:

Nice to see multiple opinions come up on media as well. I really liked
Tabby's G.I. Joe scenario and insights into how kids can misinterpret
filtered images of war. The first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan must
have been a godsend for you I guess... :)

Getting back on topic:

Taking it from Tabby's pov, I wonder how kids would look or interpret Gundam
Wing then? I mean, the images of Heero sacrificing his body to pilot the
Wing Zero or the so-called "terrorist acts" they do are powerful ones. Will
they just simply look at the kewl robots, or draw great insight from the

Reflecting back, the most powerful insights I've had of life from media as a
kid didn't come from anime Giant Robots, but from history books and myths.
Mongolian steppe riders, the Samurai and medieval knights were powerful
images to draw upon on life - especially Bushido and the Arthurian legends.
Those weren't exactly spoonfeeding images of what's right and wrong. I mean,
Arthur decided to vanquish half of Europe (you can probably tell now that I
wasn't weaned on the T.H White versions ;P) and Merlin was the bastard child
of Satan.

This may be a bit too much for Gundam Wing. But it's nice to wonder how the
next generation of mecha fans will grow up to be like weaned on this stuff.
I mean, as opposed to our growing up to watching Robotech probably.


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