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Robert Ludvig wrote:

> Oh come on, do you think Im stupid??? You know DAMN WELL I meant "taking
> drugs". Drugs DO affect all of us. Higher Insurance premiums, health care
> costs, tax dollars, etc. to pay for drug prevention programs, after care
> programs, what not. If you legalize that shit, there will be a jump in the
> numbers of those who use them, they will have unfettered access to them,
> which means you'll have more and more ppl having more serious drug problems.

Your tax dollars *are* being used, that's the kicker. For enforcement of bans,
task forces, committees to "address" the problem, court expenses, etc. There
won't be a jump in the number who use them, only really a jump in the number of
people that can be pointed out that use them. They use them now, we are just
unaware of them (I'm talking about statistics). There will still be a price,
but it would probably be less and it would be spent in different places. How
much money is being spent to stop beer consumption and such? None, because
it's legal. And it's $3.25 a glass in an average bar. If it were illegal and
$30 a drink you'd see a load of crime surrounding it.

> I agree with you that perhaps this is some sort of "Natural selection" to
> kill off all the idiots in our society, but I dont want my tax dollars going
> to pay for their care. If legalizing drugs is such a good idea, why hasnt
> it happened or why haven't more serious steps been taken to legalize it?

Because it's political suicide to suggest it. People who believe drugs are
"evil", like drugs have an agenda, don't want to consider the idea that drugs
might be more manageable if legal. And they don't even admit that alcohol is a
drug, because they use it. And these people will ruin the career of anyone who
attempts to start a push for legalized drugs. Even just for pot, which is as
harmless (or harmful) as cigarettes, for slightly different reasons.

> Oh, and about my creationist views, I NEVER SAID that they ought to teach
> that in schools, just acknowledge it. I never had a teacher sit down and
> teach it and neither have any of the rest of you, they merely mention it in
> passing.

I know that, I was using the hypothetical "you" as in anyone (not me). And
they do sort of teach it in Catholic schools (like the ones I went to).


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