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Robert Ludvig wrote:

> So are you saying that ppl who think legalizing drugs "will turn us into a
> nation of crackheads" and teaching kids that there is a creationist theory
> is STUPID?! Drugs do fuc*ed up things to ppl. Yes, alcohol and cigarrettes
> do too, but illicit drugs are far more dangerous than alcohol is. You can
> argue all you want to, but Id say that out of the people who use cocaine for
> instance there is a far higher percentage of those who are hooked on it than
> there is in a similar sized population of alcohol users. If you ask me, ppl
> who think illicit drugs should be legalized are stupid. Imagine the number
> of addicts we would have if drugs like cocaine and LSD were just as legal

Yes, people who think that are stupid. Or naive. First, for the legalizing
drugs thing, it is not simply let everyone have it. The idea is this - the
current addicts would be allowed to purchase and use. They would have to prove
they are using it, too. The theory is this - they will use it either way,
legalizing it takes the crime factor away since it's easy to acquire and far
less expensive. For the addicts.

Now, to address it the other way you said, drugs don't do shit to you.
*Taking* them does. So, legalizing drugs will not turn you or me into an
addict. Sitting in a room full of crack rocks will not get you using them.
Some people can become addicted after one hit, yes. That's why I will never
try them. Legal or not. And it's a darwinist approach, in my view - if you're
stupid enough to get hooked on them, you got what you asked for. You took the
risk, live with the hand dealt you. I know quite a few casual users. They are
no worse off than I. Most are as good or better than me at our similar jobs,
they are not impeded by their usage of it. So they are left with a little less
money than a case of beer would cost, so what.

> and widespread than alcohol. And about the creationist thing, I am a
> Christian and I can see how creationism is a little hard to swallow.
> Personally, I think creationism exists through evolution: I think God
> created life by evolving it.....but that's another discussion.

Both off-topic, so they're sort of the same here. My problem with creationism
as a theory is that it is the Christian version. Great, you want creationism
taught in school, teach them *all*. The Philipino (do I have this right?)
religious idea that their god dropped some of his own blood or whatever into
the ocean and their island was born there, etc., the American Indian multi-gods
creation theory, all of it. Clog the schools with hours of contradictory
religious views. Or, go with the semi-provable. Evolution is not 100% proven,
no, but you can point to repeatable parts of it (fruit flies, etc.) whereas you
cannot even get a consistent position from Christians in general of whether
creationism is a poorly written story, fact, half-and-half or what. It may end
up being 100% right, but currently it can't hold water on its own.


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