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<< Really, the bottom line is, either you belive in the right ot own and
 fireams, or you dont. no amount of arguing is going to cahnge tha, as a

Right, I agree with you here.

The constitution can say anything in the world and it wont change that
 fact, niether should we do something, or not do something because a peice of
 paper an a lot of peopple al long time ago said so.

So, are you saying we should thorw the Constitution out the window and forget
about it or ignore it? The Constitution was made for a purpose, you know. It
was made to help protect our rights. If the Constitution didn't exist, every
time a Leader died or stepped down, it would be anarky. It would also be
anarky without the Constitution.

We should do thing
 because they are right(and conversley, shouldnt do things becasue they are

  Yeah, I agree, but what is "right" and "wrong" is personal opinion. While
we most likely have the same basic sense of right and wrong, others will have
their view of what's right and wrong. This reason, is why the Constitution
and our laws exist. Our countrys founders wrote down our rights in the
Constitution. A lot of problems, but not all, could be solved if the
Government would go more by what the Constitution says. The Constitution, in
sense, could be the rules that our Government has to follow. I feel it is our
job to make sure that the Government follows the Constitution as close as

It is a great thing that our countrys founders used privatly owned
 guns to overthrough the government and attempt to improve life for
 themselves, and i hope that in the future if that need arises we still have
 the means to do it, but the reason I belive that we all have the right to
 own firesrm is more based in logic.

My opinon is that, our countrys founders overthrew the Government back then
to improve life for everyone, not just themselves. Yes, I am sure they did it
for themselves, but they also did it to make life better for everyone, which
it did, even though their Government is now partilly corrupt. I do not have a
problem with the right to bear arms. A person has a right to bear arms, but
its these fanatical millita groups that worry me.

a)Are most of the gun thst crimes are
 comiited with, legaly obtained? no. so making guns illegalwouldnt put a stop
 to this. are guns the primary way people kill each other, whether it be
 intentionaly or not? no, not even close. In the case of intentional murders,
 what other items are used as often as guns to kill someone? Knifes,
 particularly the kithchen variety, cars, hands, screwdrivers, rocks, books,
 are all popular, but they there is no big push to rid our society of these.
Yes, I perfectly understand your above points and agree. If the Government
wants to ban Guns, they would have to ban knifes, baseball bats, rocks,
boiling water, gasoline, wood, rocks, tools, cars, trucks, etc.,etc., as
lethal weapons too, wouldn't they :) The Government just needs to leave the
right to bear arms alone. As far as I am concenred, the Constitution says we
have the right to bear arms, so the Government and everyone else, should
leave this issue alone.

in accidental death of children (which by the way, i do find horribly
 tragic, and want this in no way to sound like im making light of it) are
 guns the only device used, no, the bottom line is kids, at time do things
 they shouldnt, that part of them being kids, as adults it is our
 responsibilty to educate them as bes we can and then provide them as safe an
 environment as possible.

Good points I agree again.

 popular opinion and plitical shouters would have us
 belive that if a parent leaves a loaded gun out the gun is a bad thing, and
 if it wasnt there the death would never have happened. but if the same
 parent left a bottle of blech out and a child drank it , it is the parents
 responsibility, mabey we should put DANGER label on guns like we do on

Excatly, guns aren't the only thing that kills, lots of things kill.

 A burgular coud just a easily pick up a knife in your kitchen and
 stab you with it, should we not have Knives.The fact is there are many
 legitiate reasons to own a gun, not the least of which is because want to.

Right, I agree. Take it easy, I said it was fine with me to own a Gun.

 it serves for plenty of other situation, and THAT my freind is what this
 country was founded on, not on our right to be better people but on out
 right to do as we wished with our own lives without the church or government
 dictating our happiness. Of course laws have to be in place to ensure
 everyones rights. But in the end it int the governments right or
 responsibility to make sure we dont commit crimes, its thier responsibilty
 to make us face the concequeses if we do. >>

Excatly, the Governemt is going over board on a lot of things. Well, if the Co
nstitution would be used more often and remembered, we could use it to make
the Government back off some.

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