Robert Ludvig (
Fri, 03 Mar 2000 12:30:09 PST

So are you saying that ppl who think legalizing drugs "will turn us into a
nation of crackheads" and teaching kids that there is a creationist theory
is STUPID?! Drugs do fuc*ed up things to ppl. Yes, alcohol and cigarrettes
do too, but illicit drugs are far more dangerous than alcohol is. You can
argue all you want to, but Id say that out of the people who use cocaine for
instance there is a far higher percentage of those who are hooked on it than
there is in a similar sized population of alcohol users. If you ask me, ppl
who think illicit drugs should be legalized are stupid. Imagine the number
of addicts we would have if drugs like cocaine and LSD were just as legal
and widespread than alcohol. And about the creationist thing, I am a
Christian and I can see how creationism is a little hard to swallow.
Personally, I think creationism exists through evolution: I think God
created life by evolving it.....but that's another discussion.

This also lets in a
>lot of stupidity. Some people think it's right to teach creationism as a
>viable theory. Some people think legalizing drugs will turn this country
>a nation of crackheads. It goes on and on.
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