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I definitly agree with you, My point , while mabey stated poorly, was that,
each person should do what they belive is right or wron, and then be
responsible for thier own action, not blinly follow political parties or
even what a document say that was writtenin a time when things were
different. I definitly think we need laws, and but those laws will never be
sgreed opon by everyone for the same reason you cant define "right and
wrong" . everyone has a slighly different opinion of what they should be. I
was simply saying that doing it becsue its what is on a peice of paper is a
poor choise, but doing it because that peice of paper is in the interset of
a good compromise on whats "right" make good sense. unfotunately many of the
gun control supporters are harming thier case by insisting that sine this
parchment says I can , that means i can. this is because eventually someone
will get that parchment diallowed in favor of a new on. They should be
arguing about the ideals behind document not the document itself. as i said,
i dont ever expect everyone to agree on gun laws, or people to even be
swayed, but I do think that as a rule people shoul place the responsibility
with the choices they make, not with the implements they use to affect those

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William Horner wrote:

> Really, the bottom line is, either you belive in the right ot own and
> fireams, or you dont. no amount of arguing is going to cahnge tha, as a
> rule. The constitution can say anything in the world and it wont change
> fact, niether should we do something, or not do something because a peice
> paper an a lot of peopple al long time ago said so. We should do thing
> because they are right(and conversley, shouldnt do things becasue they are
> wrong). It is a great thing that our countrys founders used privatly owned

This is the sticking point. Define right and wrong. You cannot to the
satisfaction of everyone around you. Some things are obvious, some are not.
That is why you need the piece of paper, for the ground rules, the basic
thinking that "right and wrong" must be built on top of. This also lets in
lot of stupidity. Some people think it's right to teach creationism as a
viable theory. Some people think legalizing drugs will turn this country
a nation of crackheads. It goes on and on.


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