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Federico Makabenta wrote:

> This is OT but, just a question for Americans on this list. I'm personally
> curious.
> Personal observation: I've heard Americans blame violence in media. However,
> I really believe that some blame should be put on advocating stricter gun
> control policy. Is "the right to bear arms" worth defending for Americans?
> If so, why?

You've heard assholes blame the media. For everything, not just "violence".
The media is easy to blame because everyone else does and it takes the blame
away from the actual dummies, the parents or lawmakers who screw us by siding
with special interests and such. Gun control *and* a respect for firearms, you
need both. A person who thinks that solving a problem by shooting somebody is
a sensible thing to do will defeat gun control policies.

The right to bear arms is worth defending, yes. Not simply for the obvious
reasons of self defense or as a deterent against an oppressive government but,
more at the root, because to accept a ban on guns or to agree to lose the right
to bear arms is to condone the idea that an inanimate object (a gun) is somehow
dangerous and we're too stupid to control it. It is to condone the idea that
guns themselves are dangerous. Is anyone on this list afraid to be in a room
full of loaded weapons? Will they all go off and kill you? Will you be
compelled to pick one up and go out and shoot the guy who parked in the space
you wanted? On that basic premise I will defend my right to bear arms. And
I don't own any. Yet.

> I may not have a great grasp of the issue since I come from another country.
> But I've not heard the responses of anyone here blaming easy access to a gun
> in the house to be of prime concern. That's why I believe blaming the media
> is ridiculous from this POV.

You're right.

> I do believe that people make too many inferences that the media is to
> blame. Japan survived with one of the lowest crime rates in the world while
> series about war (like Gundam) were shown on TV. Only recently has an
> upsurge in a new breed of criminal been noticed. Serial killers and sex
> offenders have started popping up there, but the blame has been placed
> squarely on police ineptness - not really blaming violent media like Gundam.
> But I do agree there's a greater sensitivity there now with regards to
> what's shown in the media.

Japan also had two nukes dropped on it and lost a major war. That sits deep in
the minds of those that lived through it. In Germany, not counting the
neo-Nazis, they are all embarrassed about the Jewish genocide and Hitler and
such. That, also, will play heavily on how the populace acts towards violence
and weapons. Here, we helped win two major wars and no one has ever really
tried to fuck with us. Because we're a big country, because we're separated
from every decent enemy by two oceans and two large border countries that are
themselves no threat, because our industry can produce weapons faster than any
of our potential enemies, and, frankly, because we have a very "you're going to
have to beat me to death to stop me" attitude.

> Another Q: How will you guys from the US of A, as Gundam fans react or
> defend Gundam Wing if it does get a backlash from incidents like this?

Tell the squares to lighten up. Laugh. I'm not sure, yet.


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