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Really, the bottom line is, either you belive in the right ot own and posses
fireams, or you dont. no amount of arguing is going to cahnge tha, as a
rule. The constitution can say anything in the world and it wont change that
fact, niether should we do something, or not do something because a peice of
paper an a lot of peopple al long time ago said so. We should do thing
because they are right(and conversley, shouldnt do things becasue they are
wrong). It is a great thing that our countrys founders used privatly owned
guns to overthrough the government and attempt to improve life for
themselves, and i hope that in the future if that need arises we still have
the means to do it, but the reason I belive that we all have the right to
own firesrm is more based in logic. a)Are most of the gun thst crimes are
comiited with, legaly obtained? no. so making guns illegalwouldnt put a stop
to this. are guns the primary way people kill each other, whether it be
intentionaly or not? no, not even close. In the case of intentional murders,
what other items are used as often as guns to kill someone? Knifes,
particularly the kithchen variety, cars, hands, screwdrivers, rocks, books,
are all popular, but they there is no big push to rid our society of these.
in accidental death of children (which by the way, i do find horribly
tragic, and want this in no way to sound like im making light of it) are
guns the only device used, no, the bottom line is kids, at time do things
they shouldnt, that part of them being kids, as adults it is our
responsibilty to educate them as bes we can and then provide them as safe an
environment as possible. popular opinion and plitical shouters would have us
belive that if a parent leaves a loaded gun out the gun is a bad thing, and
if it wasnt there the death would never have happened. but if the same
parent left a bottle of blech out and a child drank it , it is the parents
responsibility, mabey we should put DANGER label on guns like we do on
bleach. A burgular coud just a easily pick up a knife in your kitchen and
stab you with it, should we not have Knives.The fact is there are many
legitiate reasons to own a gun, not the least of which is becasei want to.
it serves for plenty of other situation, and THAT my freind is what this
country was founded on, not on our right to be better people but on out
right to do as we wished with our own lives without the church or government
dictating our happiness. Of course laws have to be in place to ensure
everyones rights. But in the end it isnt the governments right or
responsibility to make sure we dont commit crimes, its thier responsibilty
to make us face the concequeses if we do.

sorry for the rant, Im a Texan and get worked up about gin control freak, on
both sides of the silly argument.

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<< Personal observation: I've heard Americans blame violence in media.
 I really believe that some blame should be put on advocating stricter gun
 control policy. Is "the right to bear arms" worth defending for Americans?
 If so, why? >>

The Bill of Rights is worded so loosely, that it can be taken several ways.
Here's what it says about the right to bear arms "A well regulated militia,
being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to
keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed".

See it could mean you can only bear arms in an well regulated militia or
you can bear arms, even without a milltia. See how loosely its worded? No
one, can rightfull say what it excatly means, because even someone with the
best of intentions, therir personal view gets in the way.

My personal opinion is that, yes you do deserve to have a weapon to protect
your self, but say a burgler breaks into your house, you get your gun ready,
go into where the theif is, he rushes at you, you try to shoot him, but
before you can pull the trigger, the theif kicks or punches you, grabs your
gun and kills you. What good is a gun then? The best marksman, can be
defenseless, up close and personal, if he lacks hand to hand skills.

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