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If you want my opinion this isnt a gun control issue.
People are to quick to think it is. To me this is the
result of irresposible parents or guardian in this

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> writes:
> << Personal observation: I've heard Americans blame
> violence in media.
> However,
> I really believe that some blame should be put on
> advocating stricter gun
> control policy. Is "the right to bear arms" worth
> defending for Americans?
> If so, why? >>
> The Bill of Rights is worded so loosely, that it can
> be taken several ways.
> Here's what it says about the right to bear arms "A
> well regulated militia,
> being necessary to the security of a free state, the
> right of the people to
> keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed".
> See it could mean you can only bear arms in an well
> regulated militia or that
> you can bear arms, even without a milltia. See how
> loosely its worded? No
> one, can rightfull say what it excatly means,
> because even someone with the
> best of intentions, therir personal view gets in the
> way.
> My personal opinion is that, yes you do deserve to
> have a weapon to protect
> your self, but say a burgler breaks into your house,
> you get your gun ready,
> go into where the theif is, he rushes at you, you
> try to shoot him, but
> before you can pull the trigger, the theif kicks or
> punches you, grabs your
> gun and kills you. What good is a gun then? The best
> marksman, can be
> defenseless, up close and personal, if he lacks hand
> to hand skills.
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