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Skipped the obvious (stuff like more MS/MA):

- In SS CG demo we have Kaempher and ZakuFZ trashing
Fed's force (mostly 0080 designs). Alex appeared and
started trashing Zaku and take on Kaempher. In PS CG
demo (Zeon disk) we have 2xDomTropens and GP02A
trashing Jaburo base (starts with a pegasus class).
As GP02A proceed to nuke the base (megellan and
salamis as background) Mk2prototype (hint: its
"experimental" beam rifle) appears, trashed the Doms
and rush toward GP02A. The Fed disk got an animated
demo though (BGM: Soldier Of Sorrow).

- Other than "base attacks" most SS battles were fight
on field maps (as in SSI's Panzer Generals). ALL PS
battles are fight under area map (and limited to 5
turns for each strategy phase)

- There's no supply line in SS version "base attacks".

- Fighting SS COM is like playing against your
unwilling mom (assuming she's no gamer). PS COM is
just incompetent...but have its moments (any Fed
player recall the LunarII attack early on?) from time
to time.

- SS version limited how many units of certain unit
type player can produce (e.g., just one Alex). You
can produce hordes of Quebeley in PS GGreed. Sort of
miss the SS rule though...

- Like GGeneration series, now we have "map weapons"
(e.g., GP02A's atomic bazooka) for certain unit type.

- Added "diplomacy" command for PS GGreed.

- The plot branching (mostly determined by those
"Yes/No" responses and from time to time, how well
your spies are doing.

- The "what-if" world now carry over to ALMOST
post-0087 era (almost, considering PS GGreed got ZZ
Axis pilots/characters in part two, not the MS/MA
though). SS world pretty much cover OYW and that's it
(though gave player a taste of 0083).

Definitely more but that should be enough for my part.

--- Brett Jensen <> wrote:
> Where might one get this guide? BTW what are the
> differences between the
> Saturn and Playstation versions? Do they share the
> same opening animations,
> Graphics, etc...
> ----Brett Jensen
> wrote:
> > Zero Murasame is the first Strengthened Human.(A
> prototype in fact,hence
> > his nick name "Proto Zero.")
> > He's supposed to be a new character from the
> Saturn version of Ghiren's
> > Greed but you do not get him naturally when using
> the Feds.
> > Refer to the Guide for the Saturn version of
> Ghiren's Greed on how to
> > get this cool dude.
> >
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