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> This is OT but, just a question for Americans on this list. I'm personally
> curious.

Only answering, with my opinion no flames please...

> Personal observation: I've heard Americans blame violence in media.
> I really believe that some blame should be put on advocating stricter gun
> control policy. Is "the right to bear arms" worth defending for Americans?
> If so, why?

I don't care if I have to register a gun, and have the police
know I have it... they know I have a car... If I ever have a
six year old and he gets into my locked "hobby" room with
gundam models, and xacto knives and stuff, then unlocks
the "gun safe" and picks out an unloaded gun, unlocks the
trigger guard, and unlocks/removes the bore(barrel) block
then unlocks the ammobox, and gets some bullets, loads
this thing and kills somebody, then I'd gladly take my own
chances in front of a jury of 12. If that is what "gun control"
means to people, I'm all for it. If they mean I can't have one
then that is against my beliefs, if the colonials didn't have any
guns we'd all still be Brittish ruled over here... so its pretty
ingrained over here that gun equals freedom. For myself I'd
only keep one for a little target practice, or hunting purposes,
wild boars like to sneak up on people when they are deer
hunting, and the bow and arrow I'd use for the deer will only
piss-off the boar ;)

And like my father did to me, and his father before him, if I
did have a six year old I'd teach him/her how dangerous guns
were at an early age. Even if they can't be judged to have the
INTENT to murder they can be told that guns are dangerous
and they will hurt people... 6 year olds that learn stoves are
hot, don't go around burning themselves even if they see it on

> I may not have a great grasp of the issue since I come from another
> But I've not heard the responses of anyone here blaming easy access to a
> in the house to be of prime concern. That's why I believe blaming the
> is ridiculous from this POV.



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