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This is OT but, just a question for Americans on this list. I'm personally

Personal observation: I've heard Americans blame violence in media. However,
I really believe that some blame should be put on advocating stricter gun
control policy. Is "the right to bear arms" worth defending for Americans?
If so, why?

I may not have a great grasp of the issue since I come from another country.
But I've not heard the responses of anyone here blaming easy access to a gun
in the house to be of prime concern. That's why I believe blaming the media
is ridiculous from this POV.

I do believe that people make too many inferences that the media is to
blame. Japan survived with one of the lowest crime rates in the world while
series about war (like Gundam) were shown on TV. Only recently has an
upsurge in a new breed of criminal been noticed. Serial killers and sex
offenders have started popping up there, but the blame has been placed
squarely on police ineptness - not really blaming violent media like Gundam.
But I do agree there's a greater sensitivity there now with regards to
what's shown in the media.

Another Q: How will you guys from the US of A, as Gundam fans react or
defend Gundam Wing if it does get a backlash from incidents like this?


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Surprised I didn't see any posts on this. A few days ago a six year old shot
and killed a little girl at school with a gun he found lying around the
house he was staying in. The young murderer will NOT be prosecuted because
under the law, a person this young CANNOT form the intent necessary for
murder. It was reported that the kid said it happened "just like on TV".

 With Gundam Wing launching next week, the timing is just right for Gundam
to get the WORST press imaginable. I now actually think airing the censored
version is a good idea, at least for the day time kiddies.

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