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> Who is Zero Murasame? He's a newtype who's been fighting for the Feds
> but I've never heard of him before.

I think he appeared in one of the smaller sequels...MSV? I forget :P

> How do you start producing designs you've gotten from Aneheim? I've
> gotten 3 of them and they've just sat in the design development list
> for 50 turns or so?

You need to be in a tech level to research it. If it is a Federation Tech
Plan, you need to spend money in enemy spying in order to boost up your
enemy tech level (the last one on your list)

> Can you remove a unit from the factory list?

I don't think so...I never tried anyway :)

> On the big overall assessment screen for the various factions there
> are a bunch of numbers in the left column that I can't figure out.
> (something to do with money and resources?)

Lets see...the Top is Total Money Per Turn, the next is the Money you earn
from the territory you control, then comes the amount you get from trading
with other factions. After that is a repeat, this time using Materials

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> First off, since it hasn't been brought up yet--Bandai is officially
> planning a sequel to Giren's Greed for the Playstation 2. (according
> to Anime news service)
> Now for some more questions--

> Back to thrashing the Titans! (Part II is getting very difficult)
> Thanks for any help!
> -James
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