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Darn it all Mr. Beef!!! ya beat me to it!!! I gots both of 'em in my hand as i

Sir Loin of Beef wrote:

> I Just had a chance to check out the two latest issues.
> Hobby Japan's special this month is a set of Virtual-On Oratatorio Tangram
> models and dioramas, and there's an article on converting the Temjin kit to
> a ver Ka type. They've also converted the HGUC Zaku III Custom to a standard
> Zaku III. The new HGUC Gog is shown, and it really disappoints. The
> shoulders are too small and it just doesnt look as good as some line art has
> shown.

Finally a non-Gundam cover!!! Gundam coverage was kinda gettin boring. And what
better series to cover than Virtual-On Oratatorio Tangram!!! Now these mechas
ROCK! Pick up the Wave kits, they're pretty sweeeeet!

> The PG Zeta is featured too and it'll have a clear plastic add-on set.
> There's an incredible amount of brass contacts, pins, springs and metal
> parts with this kit. But no photoetch.


To further ad to the HJ review they also show the "kojokin" (sp?) -metal Zaku
toy much like Chars but in green (obviously).
HJ also show images of the "Flash" SD toys. Those being the Z Gundam, Wing and
Char's Red Zak. Also on the SD front, we see a very nicely done Gundam F90 with
some pict of the mods done to it. They also show the Turn X and a bit of a "how
to". A very basic one at that. And finally a bit on the Wave 1/72 Impulse 7
kit. Know there is alot more stuff but just pick this issue it's pretty good.

> Dengeki Hobby's main feature is Solomon Express II, and they've redone a lot
> of the psychommu MS types, notably a Elmeth with some brain-like matter
> showing through, and the Boun Doc and Psyco Gundam. The bound doc is the
> version with thrusters for legs.
> Another interesting set of work is shown in the Zetaplus 2, S2-Gundam, and a
> FAZZ variant that looks really wicked. I think they mixed differently-scaled
> kits of the same model for these.
> The freebie this month is a set of decals or stickers(didn't really notice)
> for the new Dubine kit's wings.
> I personally find the lines too stark and contrasting. Maybe some soft
> airbrushing could fix this.
> The prototype of the new HGUC Gouf looks very similar to the 08MST version,
> with minor differences around the knee, arms, chest and hip brackets for the
> conductive cable. It comes with the 0079 version of the sword, 2 heat whips,
> 1 extended and the other curled, and the next part is the best... it comes
> with a zaku machine gun with the carbine-like stock as seen in 0083!
> In the previous month's issue of DH some pencil work of various Gog scenes
> was shown, including a zaku with some underwater propulsion system. This
> month they've done actual works of these. The gog looks great...really
> organic looking with long, long arms and claws.

- nuff said... any dedicated Gundam/Anime buff (like me) should pick up this
mag. IT KIX!!!

Marcel Tualla

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