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Hehe. Imagine the Uproar the AEUG would cause if it ever came out on TV :)

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> I had the same thought when they first announced that wing would be on
> US TV. (Uh oh Terrorist Gundam in the post columbine era!) You think the
> TITANS are bad? The OPMA (Over Protective Mothers of America) will
> destroy us all. Is that G3 gas that I smell?
> Seriously though, With the Popularity of Pokemon and DBZ perpetuating
> the idea that all anime is for young kids... I think The press is gonna
> be merciless.
> ---Brett Jensen
> John Kwok wrote:
> > Surprised I didn't see any posts on this. A few days ago a six year
> > old shot and killed a little girl at school with a gun he found lying
> > around the house he was staying in. The young murderer will NOT be
> > prosecuted because under the law, a person this young CANNOT form the
> > intent necessary for murder. It was reported that the kid said it
> > happened "just like on TV". With Gundam Wing launching next week, the
> > timing is just right for Gundam to get the WORST press imaginable. I
> > now actually think airing the censored version is a good idea, at
> > least for the day time kiddies.
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