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On Thu, 02 Mar 2000 16:51:58 -0800, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> I had the same thought when they first announced that wing would be on
> US TV. (Uh oh Terrorist Gundam in the post columbine era!) You think the
> TITANS are bad? The OPMA (Over Protective Mothers of America) will
> destroy us all. Is that G3 gas that I smell?
> Seriously though, With the Popularity of Pokemon and DBZ perpetuating
> the idea that all anime is for young kids... I think The press is gonna
> be merciless.
And primitive. Anyone in their right mind knows that a person must already
be mentally unstable if they want to "copy" what they see on TV. While I do
think that TV can inspire an already unstable person on *how* to commit a
crime, but I truly believe that TV cannot *make* someone, anyone commit a

The Pokemon thing is really ridiculous. People pick on it for no reason
other than it is popular. It is one of the tamest cartoons I've ever seen,
much more so than Tom and Jerry, Tex Avery toons and even old WB cartoons.

If Gundam Wing gains popularity and the media picks at the violence, yawn
and move on. This kind of thing will go on, but as always, anime will


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