Winn Sevilla (
Fri, 03 Mar 2000 09:08:06 +0800

I do have to agree on that.
people tend to copycat things on Tv.

a censored version is applicable.

If we want to prevent GW or any other "violent" anime from being banned
on any tv set, we'd better accept things as it is.

John Kwok wrote:

> Surprised I didn't see any posts on this. A few days ago a six year
> old shot and killed a little girl at school with a gun he found lying
> around the house he was staying in. The young murderer will NOT be
> prosecuted because under the law, a person this young CANNOT form the
> intent necessary for murder. It was reported that the kid said it
> happened "just like on TV". With Gundam Wing launching next week, the
> timing is just right for Gundam to get the WORST press imaginable. I
> now actually think airing the censored version is a good idea, at
> least for the day time kiddies.

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