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Edward Ju wrote:

> >In response to this question (boy i havn't done to many postings on this ML
> >lately - to much StarCraft Brood War Battlenet gaming!)
> RIGHT ON! I'm a recovering addict, but still get on a few games
> occassionally! Have you checked out the Gundam Century Total Conversion?
> Too bad not enough people play on it.

Hehee... no sorry i have yet to be able to try to run that patch for Brood War.
Does it work on Mac based softwear? What was the site's name again? I know it's
been posted before, but seem to have lost that link. Any one refresh my mind and my

oh... if you or any one is interested come and visit or join our clan channel. It
is called "azn" and is mostly comprised of asians (flips, chinks, japs, gooks etc
-i guess i can say those thing cause i'm asian. Hope i didn't offend anyone). I go
under the name of {azn}-gundam-55 (surprise). So if your out doing some BW gaming
come on buy and well play a game (I'm not that good, but i am ranked 987th if that
really means anything). See ya'll there!

> Are you sure about that? HJ's "how to" department used to be way more
> detailed then they are now. These days their "how to" columns (except for
> the occassional specials targeted to beginners) are just paying lip service
> so there's an excuse to stuff more pages in the ad-infested mag. Same story
> with the Gundam Weapons mooks... they used to rock, now it's just blatant ads
> for MG kits featuring mostly recycled pages from past issues of HJ.

Well ya i've gotta agree especially with the ads and thier recycling of pages from
past issues of HJ for there mooks. So basically what your saying edward is that DH
kix HJ butt!!! I would readily argree!


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