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WooJin wrote:
> The only thing that I think is significant is the fact that the Zeon intro
> is the hypothetical "Assult On Jaburo" while the Fed side retains the feel
> of a late 70's anime (esp that song...). You have to admit, it's rather
> cool to see the Pegasus Class ship sink while trying to leave Jaburo in the
> beginning, no? ;)

White Base not making out of Jaburo alive? Definitely an intriguing
possibilty! But not as easy as that right? A GP02 and 3 Doms just rushed
the main dock unopposed? Even with inside help it shouldn't be that easy.
And WB got taken down with just 3 missile hits? That's stretching
the artistic lisence a bit too far.

> Operation British. I was always under the impression that the colony drop
> on South America was to wipe out the base without even knowing their exact

Back then Z and I calculated a colony drop to be about 50-150 Megaton,
whether that's enough to wipe out the underground base depends on how much
dirt there is between surface and base structures. Also the scenes in
0083 should inform you somewhat on this question.

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