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> Is there any special meaning that the Jion's intro is all CG and Fed's
> intro is all conventional?

The only thing that I think is significant is the fact that the Zeon intro
is the hypothetical "Assult On Jaburo" while the Fed side retains the feel
of a late 70's anime (esp that song...). You have to admit, it's rather
cool to see the Pegasus Class ship sink while trying to leave Jaburo in the
beginning, no? ;)

Oh and one thing that that Giren's Ambition made me confused was this.
Operation British. I was always under the impression that the colony drop
on South America was to wipe out the base without even knowing their exact
location, but in the game, if you ever manage to get Operation British II
underway, it's used in order to a)Uncover the base from deep underground and
b)take out the first few lines of defense. I never quite thought of it that
way until I saw that (BTW, it really sucked to have a 60v60 unit battle :) )

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