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The Oddest thing about the American versions of the name is that Bandai Uses
two versions of the name, one on the game cover, and the other on a number
of Gundam Pages.

The game cover uses Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren's Ambiltion ~ Blood of Zeon
while a number of official sites use
Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren's Ambiltion ~ Genealogy of Zeon instead. If you
think about it, there isn't that much difference int he meaning if you think
about, and as long as you know what they refer to to when they say "Blood Of
Zeon", which to say how the Zeon family had a tremedous impact on all the
factions that appear after the OYW, I think it really matters either way :)

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> CT Chin writes,
> > Wow! It's got everything and the kitchen sinks. Amazing... And they
> > seem to have managed to construct one (or more?) consistent (if not
> > canonical) timeline(s).
> I finally saw the movies on my work PC (never was able to view 'em on a
> Mac). Good stuff, and thanks to WooJin for the teaser. I see they're
> sticking with the notion that Cima's Marines are "amphibious" in the sense
> of operating both on Earth and in space, which the MSV Collection File
> echoes...
> > Finally are "Blood of Zeon" and "Giren's Greed" the official translation
> > now? Some GMLers had a heated discussion for a while and then all of a
> > sudden BOZ and GG became universally accepted on GML.
> These are the translations used on the game packaging itself. Even the
> original Saturn version was labeled "Giren's Greed" in English, but
> not as many people on the list actually bought that one. :-)
> -- Mark
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