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WooJin wrote:
> Well, I managed to put up 2 movies of the game(the intro to each side),
> which brings the total number to 3 movies :)
> they're at

Wow! It's got everything and the kitchen sinks. Amazing... And they
seem to have managed to construct one (or more?) consistent (if not quite
canonical) timeline(s).

Is there any special meaning that the Jion's intro is all CG and Fed's
intro is all conventional?

(BTW, I like the looks of the conventional animation over CG, can someone
explain why CG stuffs are usually so dark? looks like daytime soap!)

Finally are "Blood of Zeon" and "Giren's Greed" the official translation
now? Some GMLers had a heated discussion for a while and then all of a
sudden BOZ and GG became universally accepted on GML. I am not anal about
translations, but both BOZ and GG seem a little off. What about "Zeon's
Pedigree", "Zeon's Lineage", "Giren's Ambition", "Giren's Aggression"?

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