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Brett Jensen wrote:

> All of the discussions here about Giren's Greed have really piqued my
> interest, and after seeing the opening animations for Fed and Zeon I
> MUST get this game! I'll be going to Japan soon so I'll be looking for
> it in Akihabara. Before I do that, I have a few questions:

<Questions snipped>

> 3: how difficult is it for someone with zero Japanese reading skills but
> fairly comprehensive Gundam Knowledge, compared to other Japanese
> strategy games I've played like "SD Gundam GX", "G Century", and "Super
> Robot wars F"?

I haven't played any of those games, so I can't give an accurate
comparison. However, while I have a very limited knowledge of Japanese (and
its not like I actually sit and try to translate each message in the game)
I was able to figure out the basics in a couple of days through trial and
error. The rest I've learned thanks to asking questions on the GML (Thanks
Peter and WooJin!). I'd say go for it, and if you can't figure it out keep
it as an incentive to learn Japanese (my collection of untranslated manga
serves that purpose for me).



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