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> Which magazine is better for Gundam related products Hobby Japan or Dengeki
> Hobby? I ask this, because I am thinking about doing a magazine scans
> request web site. I'll post scans of stuff in the magazine that I need to
> know more about or that other people either want to see from the magazine
> (Gundam or mecha related for now).

> For now, I want to buy the one magazine with the best Gundam coverage in
> it, either Dengeki Hobby or Hobby Japan. I would do my best to update
> monthly, if I have enough cash left to buy that months issue. Anyone know of
> a good place to buy either magazine for a good price or maybe even one that
> can offer a subscription service type of deal?

In response to this question (boy i havn't done to many postings on this ML
lately - to much StarCraft Brood War Battlenet gaming!) I would have to say the
Dengeki Hobby is definitly beating out Hobby Japan in terms of new kit and
Gundam kit/toy coverage/reviews. DK in my opinion have just as good if not
better modellers building kits for them (except for kit building GOD Max
Wantanabe). DK also has better diorama's and kitbasher models. And Finally it
has better (computer) illustrations and just graphic design wise (I am an Art
Director) it just plane "looks" cooler.

The only area that think HJ (I must state though that I have been a collector of
HJ for at least 4 years) beats out DH is in the "how to" department. And the
fact the HJ publishes those "MOOKS" and Gundam Weapons.

But ya know what I end up picking up both!


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