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>Subject: Re: [gundam] OT: Virtual On: OT Is Coming to the U.S.
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>The controls are easy to pick up, and once you are familiar with the way
>work, it is much more natural than using a standard dreamcast controller.

The DC controller sucks for playing OT. The simple fact that there are only
six buttons mean there are moves which are really hard to do, like
Specneff's center weapon curse is almost impossible to do. If I had the old
Saturn 8 button pad it shouldn't be as bad.

>The twin sticks are very expensive but you could say VO:OT is virtually
>unplayable without them, and it certainly isn't the same game experience
>without them. It all depends on how much you like the game I suppose. It's
>lot of money to spend on a controller that is really only useful for one

not just that.. but the twin sticks.. like the DC pads.. are incredibly
flimsy. Within the span of less than a month, I've seen two busted DC pads
and one busted DC twin stick. (thank God they're not mine!) They just don't
make them like they use to.

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